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Elisabeth Carson, The Depressed Youth That Became A Consciousness Bio-Hacker

Updated: Mar 4

Blackbird News' featured article on Elisabeth Carson.

Elisabeth Carson is an expert on bio-hacking her personal demons, and on teaching others how to bio-hack theirs. Her upbringing wasn’t easy, and while many that grew up around her in similar situations were never able to recoup and move forward, she has managed to excel in every endeavor she has taken on, and has become more successful than she ever imagined she could be.

On the Season: 1 Episode: 1 podcast of Bio Hack Your Best Life (the podcast’s first episode) titled: “From Trauma to Triumph,” Elisabeth recounted some of her personal struggles she was forced to learn how to cope with. She shared details about the mental and physical trauma that she suffered I her youth, how it has affected her life, and what she did and continues to do to cope with it was discussed alongside her co-host Billy Carson, (best-selling author and founder of 4BiddenKnowledge Inc). The story got lots of attention, inspired many, and Elisabeth continues to receive emails and messages on social media about it.

Today, Elisabeth helps others through her company, Bio-Hack Your Best Life®, a company dedicated to sharing methods for hacking your mental, physical, and sexual selves. Her new book, “The Recipe To Elevated Consciousness,” looks to help readers instill more self awareness, and to address the stress and trauma that manifest physically in their vessel, and how to change their internal and external environments to live an optimal life. The Recipe To Elevated Consciousness can be pre-ordered now on her website: and on

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