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Elisabeth Carson, The Entrepreneur And Influencer That Wants To Bio-Hack Your Best Life

Updated: Mar 4

Brand Education's featured article on Elisabeth Carson.

Elisabeth Carson is renowned for her mental and physical health coach abilities that have helped hundreds of individuals hack their own wellness, and achieve greatness. Her passion for giving and helping others motivates her to regularly donate to numerous charities, organize fundraising events, and to continually create life changing content for all.

With her vast education from her careers as a model, an actress, a record-breaking real estate agent, a podcaster, and as the current Director of Operations for 4BiddenKnowledge Inc (a company founded by best-selling author and renowned entrepreneur Billy Carson), she has been able to reach and help many.

Elisabeth (along with Billy Carson)’s latest creation, Bio-Hack Your Best Life®, is a new branch of the 4BiddenKnowledge business, created to share tried-and-true methods for hacking your mental, physical, and sexual self. Their podcast segment, “Bio-Hack Your Sex Life” is published once a month, and speaks teaches how to enhance your sex life as well as your mental health.

Elisabeth Carson is also days away from the release of her new book, “The Recipe to Elevated Consciousness,” which can be pre-ordered now on her website:, and also be found on the 4BiddenKnowledge site: This book packages the author’s wealth of knowledge and turns it into medicine for your soul.

For up to date information on Elisabeth Hoekstra, follow her today on Instagram: @elisabethihoekstra.

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