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Elisabeth Carson, the Host of “Bio-Hack your Best Life” Releases Her New Book

Updated: Mar 5

LA Wire interviews entrepreneur Elisabeth Carson.

Elisabeth Carson’s reputation often proceeds her in the many industries she has graced with her talents. From the time she got her start as a teenager in the entertainment world as a model and actress, all the way to her current endeavors as the Director of Operations at 4biddenknowledge Inc, Ms. Hoekstra has always hit the ground running. Part of her success is undoubtedly a direct result of her passion for learning. But her ambition to learn would not have been enough without all of the inner-work she has dedicated her life to over the past ten plus years.

But what drives her? Her passion for helping people. And this shows as a common denominator throughout her entire career, regardless of the industry she is working in at the time. Her passion for her careers and the corresponding industries were always, without a doubt, secondary to her desire to serve others.

“I’ve always had a passion for helping people. My book will help readers to identify their inner strength and capabilities. It will also provide education to rejuvenate them to accomplish their life and career goals while elevating their consciousness to a new level. I believe knowledge is infinite. Everyone should learn, read, and grab as much knowledge as they can,” Elisabeth Hoekstra stated.

Elisabeth always found ways to leverage her career as a catalyst to make positive impacts in her own, as well as other, communities. Her philanthropy efforts started as early as high school, when she had an opportunity to travel to Matamoros, Mexico. There she helped build orphanages for orphaned children in that community. This sparked her passion for helping others, and she continued on to work with “Communities in schools”, a Michigan-based organization that assists underprivileged children with getting to school, backpacks, school supplies, and tutoring assistance. Fast forward to when she went on to become a top pastry chef, working under one of the top-rated chefs in the country. She donated her time and talent, making pastries at an annual charity event called “Breaking brunch at Bricks .”The proceeds from these events supported “Angels of Hope,” an organization that supports families coping with childhood cancers. Real estate was no exception. She used the political connections she built in her time as a record-breaking real estate agent to lobby for change and bring awareness to the troubling water quality issues plaguing the Detroit school systems as a result of the aged infrastructure.

So it came as no surprise that all of these paths would ultimately lead her to pursue a career and purpose that serves others.

Nowadays, she hosts the popular podcast, Bio-Hack Your Best Life, which releases weekly along with her co-host Billy Carson, the President and CEO of 4biddenknowledge Inc. The podcast teaches a lot of new techniques to its listeners, including bio-hacking tips and tricks, holistic-based wellness and the science behind it, and new research and case studies in the field. The podcast also features a special episode monthly called “Bio-hack Your $ex Life,” which discusses how to spice up your sex life in a healthy way, and holistic sexual health tips for both men and women.

All of these efforts derived from her desire to help others and to truly make the world a better place. But her current focus on mental health and holistic modalities, and ultimately her decision to write her first book, came from a different, darker source of inspiration.

Ms. Carson, like many of us, was no stranger to adolescent trauma. Beginning her life as an immigrant-adopted child, she learned all too well the impacts that unresolved trauma can have on the trajectory of your future.

As a young adult, who was not yet equipped with the proper tools to address her past trauma, she fell into a very turbulent path, filled with anger and resentment. She began acting out at a young age as a way to cope with her feelings of abandonment. The trauma from her adoption was only amplified by the difference in ethnicity with her adoptive family. She felt like an outsider, being an Asian child in a Caucasian family. She experienced sexual abuse at a young age, and this was so traumatic for her that she had suppressed those memories until later in life when it came to light during talk therapy as a young teenager. This revelation sent shockwaves through her family when it came to light, only fueling her pain, shame, and ultimately destructive behavior, that resulted from not knowing at that age how to cope with all of her trauma.

Struggling to find her place, she turned to drugs and alcohol and was already drinking heavily by the unbelievably young age of 13. By 14, she was completely out of control, selling drugs and partying with adults, which only led to her being in situations a child 14 years of age should never have been in. This only added to the trauma she would need to address later in life.

She moved out to LA to pursue her modeling career as a young adult, but this early entry into the entertainment industry would prove to make her reckless lifestyle more possible. Drugs and alcohol consumed her, and her ties to her early life of crime landed her in jail for serious charges by the time she was barely 20. Things had to change, and the birth of her son only solidified her decision and need for change. All of her story can be found in episode 1 of her podcast, “Bio-hack your best life.”

Elisabeth made the decision to clean up her life and has spent over the past 10 years dedicating her life to learning everything she possibly could about mental health, trauma resolution, bio-hacking, and the many holistic modalities (and science behind them) that she used to address her trauma.

In her book, Elisabeth shares her incredible story and how she utilized these powerful holistic modalities to heal her traumas and take control of her life back. Ms. Carson shares all of her detailed personal experiences with each modality in this book, including the science and research behind them. The book also contains links to research and educational content to further assist readers in their own studies. She hopes that by educating people on how to care for their mental health and physical wellness, she can help people unlock their full potential and give them back the power to be the creators of the life they desire.

The link between mental health, physical health, and quality of life is undeniable. Elisabeth hopes that by sharing her unfiltered story, it will help others to realize that no matter how bad things are, or how you ended up where you are at now, there is ALWAYS hope if you can hold yourself accountable and do the work. This book will help readers by giving them tools and the framework to start on their own path of healing and inner peace.

“ A traumatic start in life does NOT have to be a life sentence.” – Elisabeth Carson

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