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“Bio-Hack Your Best Life” is Here to Improve your Mind, Body and Sex Life

Updated: Mar 5

Vents Magazine's featured article on Elisabeth Carson & Bio-Hack Your Best Life.

Elisabeth Carson is an expert on hacking her own mental and physical health. She has contributed to many charities, has hosted fundraisers, was a record breaking real estate agent, a model, an actress, and much more. Her passions have always been geared towards helping others, and in excelling in every venture she enters. Elisabeth is the Director of Operations for the brand 4BiddenKnowledge Inc, a company founded by the best selling author and renowned entrepreneur Billy Carson.

Through the 4BiddenKnowledge Network, together Elisabeth and Billy continue to elevate their powerful team with their latest creation: Bio-Hack Your Best Life®, a new branch of the company created to share with you tried and true methods of hacking your own mental, physical and sexual self. The company is quickly gaining many praises and receiving much love.

In the brand’s first podcast episode (S:1 E:1 Bio Hack Your Best Life – from Trauma to Triumph, click here to watch it), Billy sits with Elisabeth as she describes some of the mental and physical trauma she’s suffered as a youth, how it has affected her life, and what she has done to become the strong and successful woman she is today.

Their segment, Bio-Hack Your Sex Life is released once a month and focuses on changing the negative narrative around sex, to help you harness your sexual energy in a positive way and manifest your best life. The company website offers information by way of blogs, videos, products, apps, podcasts and more.

To learn how you can Bio-Hack Your Best Life contact and follow Elisabeth Carson at:

Official Website:

Bio-Hack Your Best Self Podcast:

Social Media:

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