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Meet Entrepreneur, Author, Podcaster And Rising Super Star Elisabeth Carson

Updated: Mar 5

About Insider's featured article on Elisabeth Carson.

Elisabeth Carson began her career in the entertainment industry. The model and actress (on nationally syndicated television shows, movies, music videos, and magazines), never stopped focusing on her quest for knowledge, and even as she began gaining notoriety in the entertainment field. After obtaining a college education for business management and marketing, she returned to school for culinary arts and real estate. She became a successful pastry chef and helped open an award-winning restaurant. In 2018, Mrs. Carson was named exclusive real estate agent for a large statewide effort, in which she broke all previous records for securing the most offices in the shortest time.

While studying the science behind optimal health and wellness, and holistic modalities, and met and began working with Billy Carson, President and CEO of 4biddenknowledge Inc. The energy was magic! Not long after, she became and continues to work as the Director of Operations for 4biddenknowledge Inc. She also hosts her hit podcast series “Bio-hack your best life” (co-hosted by Mr. Carson), has founded the company “Bio-Hack Your Best Life.”

Elisabeth Carson’s new book “The Recipe to Elevated Consciousness” has an amazing recipe for obtaining an elevated consciousness. All of the ingredients needed to elevate oneself from their current state of being are thoughtfully laid out in this book. Ms. Hoekstra teaches us how use our past experiences, to shape our lives for the better today. Click here to pre-order your copy.

Elisabeth Hoekstra can be followed on Instagram: @elisabethicarson, and always be reached on her official website:

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