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“The Recipe To Elevated Consciousness” – A Self-Help Memoir Written By Elisabeth Carson

Updated: Mar 4

Just Fame Magazine interviews entrepreneur Elisabeth Carson.

4Biddenknowledge Inc. announced that book sales have now begun for “The Recipe to Elevated Consciousness”. This self-help book was written by Elisabeth Carson, Director of Operations at 4BiddenKnowledge Inc. and founder of the popular brand “Bio-Hack your Best Life”. The first part of the book shares an exclusive interview that award-winning TV personality Regina Meredith conducted with Ms. Hoekstra. They dive deep into Ms. Hoekstra’s story in hopes that readers will find their own inspiration to grow and make change within themselves.

“I’ve always had a passion for helping people. My book will help readers to identify their inner strength and capabilities. It will also provide education to rejuvenate them to accomplish their life and career goals while elevating their consciousness to a new level. I believe knowledge is infinite. Everyone should learn, read, and grab as much knowledge as they can,” Elisabeth Carson stated.

The second part of the book goes into detail about the holistic modalities that helped Carson, as well as others who practice them, make lasting positive changes in their mental and physical health. The book is filled with resources links and scannable QR codes so readers can conduct their own research. Carson shares her experiences in the book with 39 modalities, some of which helped a little bit, and some of which changed the entire trajectory of her life. Readers will find the inspiration and tools to make positive changes in their inner world so that they can cultivate a life of peace, optimal health, and happiness.

“A traumatic start in life does NOT have to be a life sentence.” – Elisabeth Carson.

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